Business And Family, Involve Or Keep Them Separate?

You gotta love them, but you don’t have to work with them. The truth is, not everyone has family members that can work together. Many entrepreneurs have made the mistake of bringing in relatives that don’t have the same ambition, focus, and positive mindset that the motivated dreamer does. A single negative mind is enough to bring down an entire company. All members of a business must be positive and able to work together in the spirit of harmony, a lesson I learned from the great Napoleon Hill. Below you’ll find a simple list to help you decide when you should and should not bring a relative into your company for an executive or employee position.

Should If…

  1. Relative has values and goals that align with yours.

  2. Relative is loyal and trustworthy.

  3. Relative is kind and ambitious.

  4. Relative can take constructive criticism.

  5. Relative has skills that the company values.

Should Not If…

  1. Relative is known to be lazy and/or unreliable.

  2. Relative is known to be untrustworthy and/or scandalous.

  3. Relative does not have any skills of value to the company.

  4. Relative is known to get upset when receiving criticism.

  5. Relative is known to constantly be rude and negative.

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Coty White is a journalist at GoldenGOAT Articles that specializes in business, travel, lifestyle, innovation and the environment. Aside from his time spent as a reporter, he is an active stock trader and current owner of four successful companies.