“An experience unlike any other.”

-Benjamin B.


Creative, Innovative Shopping.

Walking into the large glass doors of the modern Tesla building I immediately knew I was in for something new. The entire shopping experience is not what you would find at the typical car lot. It’s not only one of a kind, it’s one of the future. The kind and informative representative greeted herself and after some pleasent small talk, led me over to an Apple computer for a personal car buying encounter. I was stunned to learn that I’d be creating a completely personal Model 3 using Tesla.com. Everything from the color of the aerodynamic vehicle to the advanced battery within, the choice was mine! After learning about the vehicle I’d be ordering I arranged an appointment to come back the next day for a test drive.

Simple, Yet Advanced Interior And Infotainment System.

A 15” touchscreen information and entertainment system gives you complete control of your favorite accessories such as air conditioning and music. No matter what kind of music you enjoy, the sound system in this car is sure to please. To test the speakers I put on a couple songs from the new Russ album ZOO. The base was impressive!

A Smooth/Controlled Take Off.

The accelerator pedal on this high tech electrical car was sensitive compared to gas vehicles, but I was able to quickly adjust. It felt great to have power with no hesitation.  The Model 3 is known for it's exceptional rate of acceleration. In 3.3 seconds you can easily go from 0mph to 60mph, aside from fun it's a feature that can be life saving in many situations.

 Autonomous Driving. (Autopilot)

Another feature of the future. Autopilot mode is simple to use and is sure to put a smile on your face. The intelligent car casually takes over steering and will even accelerate and decelerate at safe speeds. I was astonished, as well as naturally hesitant, to let the vehicle drive itself completely as it did so seamlessly. It was an experience unlike any other!

The Overall Conclusion. 

It's nearly perfect. The only reason I say near, is because Tesla vehicles are constantly being updated and improved. The wonderful team at Tesla is constantly raising the bar when it comes to what makes a perfect car, SUV, and soon to be Semi-truck, especially an electric one. I'm extremely excited for my next drive in a Model 3, or any Tesla really!

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Coty White is a journalist at GoldenGOAT Articles that specializes in business, travel, lifestyle, innovation and the environment. Aside from his time spent as a reporter, he is an active stock trader and current owner of four successful companies.