4 Of The Best Ways We Can Stop Harming The Environment


1. Make The Switch To An Electric Vehicle. (Tesla)

Gas powered vehicles contribute to the biggest cause of global warming, and we no longer need them. Companies like Tesla are striving for a world that relies on an affordable electric means of transportation. Their new Model 3 car will be sold for as little as 35k, in an effort to appeal to lower income customers as well. Consider making the switch as soon as possible. The more electric vehicles we have on the road the quicker we’ll stop burning fossil fuels that harm the planet.

2. Purchase Eco-friendly Clothing. (Outwitterz)

Most companies in the apparel industry emit high amounts of green house gasses, such as methane, to create their products. This has a big impact on global warming. Microfibers have become a major issue as well. A microfiber is a tiny strand of synthetic fiber that can pollute the oceans when the clothing is washed. If you buy apparel made from biodegradable materials, instead of synthetic, you’ll support companies that have a very low negative impact on the environment, if any at all. Our favorite company to buy organic apparel from that’s created with all natural sustainable materials, is Outwitterz. They use hemp, bamboo, and even post consumer plastic bottles to create long lasting, extremely comfortable clothing that is designed to inspire and promote positivity. A company truly dedicated to improving and popularizing eco-friendly apparel.

3. Use Different Straws! Or Reduce Usage As Much As Possible. (SeaStraws)

Restaurants and bars like to bring out drinks with a new straw every time. So a good idea for you when you’re out to eat, ask your server to leave out the straw when serving your drinks. If you prefer to use a straw but still want to reduce your impact on the environment, keep the straw from the first drink served and reuse it for your refills. Remember to tell your server that you do not need anymore straws. You can also bring a straw with you by purchasing biodegradable straws or reusable ones. A great place to get those eco-friendly straws that we recommend, Sea Straws. You can really make a difference!

4. Get Solar Energy For Your Home. (Solar City)

The more people that commit to the ways of a sustainable future, the less we damage the environment and atmosphere. Solar panels from companies like solar city have become extremely popular over the years. Renewable and solar energy not only have a positive impact on the environment, they’ll save you a lot on electric bills!

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Coty White is a journalist at GoldenGOAT Articles that specializes in business, travel, lifestyle, innovation and the environment. Aside from his time spent as a reporter, he is an active stock trader and current owner of four successful companies.