The Pro Bowl tight end and longtime Patriot, was nearly traded to the Detroit Lions during the recent offseason draft. According to sources, Gronkowski was upset about the trade deal and doesn't want to play for any other team. Aside from threatening to retire he even declined to answer or return calls from the Lions. The 29 year old has been with the Patriots since 2010 and has had an impressive impact on the team. 

The Deal Is Settled

After some intense discussions Gronkowski and the Patriots agreed to keep the veteran on the team and reworked a contract that added $4.3 million in incentives for him during the 2018 season. He can earn $1 million in per-game roster bonuses, plus a maximum of $3.3 million by hitting three of the following four incentives: 70 or more catches, 1,085 receiving yards, 80 percent playing time or nine or more touchdown catches. Gronkowski already has nine catches for a total of 138 yards from the first two games of this season. So it's likely that we'll see him earn those bonuses this year.

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