Ford Makes Automobiles and Now Robotic Butts?

Image of “Robutt” testing a car seat at Ford’s testing laboratory.

Image of “Robutt” testing a car seat at Ford’s testing laboratory.

A Funny Name, An Important Test

Ford has recently manufactured a robotic butt they have lovingly named “Robutt”. Your first reaction may be, what in the world is an automobile company doing making a robotic butt? Robutt was designed to replicate the sweaty, post-exercise derriere of a large man, heated to 36 degrees Celsius (to approximate the average body temperature of a human), and saturated with 450 milliliters of water for sweat. Robutt is used to test seats over the span of three days to represent the standard wear and tear delivered to a car seat.

The test involves Robutt, basically a hydraulic arm with a cushion at one end, bouncing and twisting 7,500 times to mirror the effects of a person sitting in the chair over the span of a decade. With this testing Ford is able to determine, and improve, their vehicles seats’ effectiveness in handling a repeated moist environment over time. Ford’s Development Engineer Florian Rohwer, stated in the companies blog “Cars are part of our everyday lives and at this time of year in particular, so is exercise. The ‘Robutt’ is a great way to check our seats and make sure they will look good for years to come.” A sweatier version of Robutt was designed for further testing and improvement in Ford’s automobile seat designs. Robutt was first introduced in the production of the 2018 Ford Fiesta and has since been used to test all of Ford’s automobile seats throughout Europe. Ford claimed in their blog “The seat test ensures the seat stays free of surface damage over time”.

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