First New Coca-Cola Flavor In Over 10 Years


10 Years Later

It's been over 10 years since the large beverage company has released a new flavor of the classic soda. To increase variety and keep up with current trends, Coca-Cola has introduced Orange Vanilla Coke, set to hit shelves by the end of February, 2019. The new version of vanilla was available for a limited time in Canada last summer. After also testing it in the United States and receiving positive feedback, the company decided to go ahead with the trademark. 

Before settling with Orange Vanilla Coke, the people of Coca-Cola considered a few other options. Those options included lemon, raspberry, and ginger, which performs well for the company in Asia. Among the search for a new flavor they also experimented with Black Cherry Vanilla Coke and a unique coffee-flavor called Coca-Cola Blak.

In a similar attempt to ramp up brand awareness and raise sales, the company will be creating new graphics for Cherry and Vanilla Coke. 

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