3 Other Ways To Get Better Sleep

We all know sleep is important, but getting good sleep is even more important. Getting the recommended eight hours can be difficult for any person, let alone the hard working ones striving for a successful life. Though there are many ways that you can improve the quality of sleep, below are three other tips for a well rested night that you may not have thought about.

1. Exercise During The Day, But Not Before Bed.

Exercise has been proven to improve health and reduce symptoms of insomnia. So the sooner you start the sooner you’ll feel better. Do your best to set up a consistent workout routine, regular exercise will improve the quality of your sleep among the other great health benefits it provides.

Yoga is a wonderful type of exercise that will improve your physical and mental health. MyYogaWorks.com has plenty of online classes to help you get started, and with their 14-day free trial you can give it a try at no cost.

For an even better workout, try listening to some AudioBooks.

2. Buy A Better Mattress.

A new mattress or pillow is a wonderful way to increase sleep quality. There are quite a few improved designs that are truly changing the way people sleep. We highly recommend you try Puffy Mattress’s and Puffy pillows, an affordable high quality brand that has been featured on Forbes, Ellen, and Consumer Reports. You can learn more about the Puffy Mattress and Pillows by Clicking Here.

The Puffy Mattress Has Adjustable Comfort That Is Best For All Sleeping Types.

The Puffy Mattress Has Adjustable Comfort That Is Best For All Sleeping Types.

Benefits of a Puffy Mattress

  • Enhanced Spinal Alignment: Experience the comfort of Puffy. Your body will be perfectly cradled by their body adapting formula.

  • Breathable And Cooling: Your Puffy Mattress's Cloud Gel Layer will draw heat out of the mattress and away from your body. This technology offers you a more comfortable, cooler and better night's sleep.

  • Climate Adaptive Regulation: Get the same consistent sleep with our ClimateComfort™ materials that prevent temperature fluctuations which disrupt a peaceful night's rest. This technology will provide you with the same contouring and luxurious feel night after night.

  • Total Pressure Relief: Your body is perfectly supported with Puffy Mattress! They have specially designed support layers to adjust to your unique pressure points to offer the ultimate in comfortable sleeping

You can learn more about the Puffy Mattress and Pillows by Clicking Here.

3. Avoid Long/ Frequent Naps.

Naps are known for increasing productivity and our overall health, but as with anything, too much can be bad. It’s best to keep your afternoon naps under 30 minutes. Sleep any longer than that and you’ll have a higher chance of experiencing difficulties sleeping later. Frequent short naps can cause the same negative affects that long naps can, so be sure to limit that as well.

Some exercise or a bit of caffeine can help you stay awake. You can try some Sudden Coffee for a quick picker-upper.

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