Tesla And Disney: The Electric Tomorrowland
‘Tesla mini-cars’ for kids.

‘Tesla mini-cars’ for kids.

In an effort to promote electric transportation, Tesla is reportedly in discussions with Disney to make the Tomorrowland Speedway completely electric. Traditionally, the go-karts for kids are gas-powered, but that may finally change if the two companies can reach an agreement. Tomorrowland Speedway is located at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando, Florida.

Tesla is talking with the global film studio with hopes of sponsoring the popular racing attraction to convert the go-karts to electric. According to a report from Just Disney: “Our sources inside the company are giving us whispers of Elon Musk meeting with top execs on how Tesla would truly put visitors behind the wheel of all-electric vehicles. Tesla would sponsor the speedway and surrounding stadium and give guests the true vision of “driving in the future”.

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If all goes well with this green deal, maybe Tesla and Disney can work together on some other ecofriendly projects that will improve our society.

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