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It has long been understood and proven that standard cleaning products damage our environment. The need to cut back on harmful lifestyles for yourself and the world around us is greater than ever. Common household sanitation products have ingredients that not only harm the world around us but also the health of the people that use them. It’s not a necessity when there are safer, better working cleaning options available.

The human race has a responsibility to maintain and improve the environments in which we live. With so many simple and inexpensive ways to do that, living eco-friendly doesn’t have to inconvenience your life the way it continues to for so many animals and plants.

How bad are non-environmentally safe products?

Here are a few quick facts to help you get an idea of the negative impact imposed by common, non-environmentally safe cleaning products, according to the EPA.


  • 70% of American streams were found to contain laundry detergent ingredients.

  • Ammonia, nitrogen, and phosphorus are dangerous water contaminants. Waste treatment facilities throughout the world are unable to remove these contaminants so they end up in our rivers, lakes, and oceans.

  • Phthalates are used on product packaging to keep plastic bottles from breaking.


  • According to recent EPA studies, the toxicity of household cleaners is 3x more likely to cause cancer than external pollution.

  • Chemicals such as Monoethanolamine (MEA), Ammonium quaternary compounds, Glycol ethers, and Phthalates, are found in household cleaners and are all proven to cause reproductive damage and asthma.

  • Aside from irritating allergies and skin, non-environmentally safe products are a leading cause of poisoning.

How do I know if a product is safe?

Ingredients and some quick research. These are the number one ways to determine hazardous cleaning materials. Too many brands use unnatural ingredients that can temporarily cover up odors but they don’t always remove the source of the smell or the bacteria causing it. EnviroKlenz uses all-natural ingredients that not only destroy foul odors but also immediately deplete the underlying cause.

What type of solutions does EnviroKlenz provide for these common problems?

The well-known company has a wide range of products that are perfect for safely cleaning surfaces, improving air quality, and doing laundry without the worry of harmful irritants.

EnviroKlenz has the capability of trapping and destroying many variations of chemical compounds without releasing any detrimental pollutants or cleaning chemicals into the surrounding air.

“The environmentally safe technology is backed on a substantial intellectual property portfolio, technical capabilities, third party validations, and market-proven products.”


Product Features

For Surfaces: Non-Toxic, Removes VOC’s And Other Chemicals, Works On All Odors, Non-Itchy And Non-Bleaching, Fragrance-Free.

For Air Quality: Removes VOC’s And Other Chemicals, Uses Patented Earth Mineral Technology, Non-Toxic, Does Not Release Byproducts, Works On All Odors.

For Laundry: For All Washable Fabrics, Septic-Safe, HE Friendly, Works On All Odors, Frangrance Free.

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