Bringing Innovation To The Cannabis Industry: A Global Shop
Registered Logo Of PiecePro Xpress.

Registered Logo Of PiecePro Xpress.

A global company founded by a humble entrepreneur, PiecePro Xpress is bringing innovation to an outdated industry. The days of limited options and inadequate customer service have passed.

Coty White is striving to bring the world of glass together by making it possible to get pipes, bongs, dab rigs, and other smoking accessories from around the world, quickly delivered right to your door with his company PiecePro Xpress.

When asked about the business Coty said, "With PiecePro Xpress you can order a pipe made in the United States, a bong made in France, a dab rig from Canada, or another product crafted in some other great country as we continue to partner with more glassblowers, smoke shops, and distributors around the world. It's amazing and the industry needs it."

The rapidly growing smoke shop offers fast delivery around the world and is already set to earn over 20k a month at its best, even with the restraints put on by the banking industry. "These banks are the only thing holding this company back from reaching its full potential. They limit what we sell and where we can sell. We're considered a cannabis paraphernalia company since we sell products used to smoke cannabis, so the banks have limited our growth."

The 22-year-old businessman is hoping Congress will be able to bring relief to the industry with the new cannabis banking bill known as the SAFE banking act. "Cannabis banking reform is a necessity for not only businesses but also consumers”, said Coty.

After having to temporarily take down the website and close the storefront lounge while searching for a new payment processor, PiecePro Xpress is back up and adding new products daily.

"Last year I lost my storefront in Las Vegas because of the outdated banking laws. Our payment processor terminated our agreement when international sales surpassed the 10% threshold that the bank had set. It's great to have things going again, but this is another thing that Congress needs to act on as soon as possible."

For now, the company is using PayPal Express Checkout to accept debit and credit cards for orders placed around the world. Coty, along with his brother and business partner, Jacob White, say they will "persevere no matter what".

"We truly appreciate every customer earned. This is my dream, my livelihood, and society needs this company. I won't settle for anything less than what society deserves." - Coty White.

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